Yale USB-C Kabel Außen - 3m

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  • USB-C to USB-C
  • Weatherproof
  • 3m Cable
  • Power from an Indoor and Outdoor Socket
  • Compatible with Yale Smart Outdoor Camera
184,00 kr.

The Yale Outdoor USB-C Cable let's you power your  Smart Outdoor Camera without any interruptions. Built to withstand tough conditions, it offers seamless connectivity and a generous 3-meter length for flexible setup. 

  • Compatible with Yale Smart Outdoor Camera
  • Designed specifically for USB-C devices
  • Weatherproof 
  • 3-meter length 
  • Power from an indoor or outdoor socket (power adaptor not included)

Extended reach for flexible outdoor setup
 With a generous 3-meter length, this cable provides ample distance between your device and the power source, giving you more flexibility in setting up your outdoor device.

Seamless USB-C Connectivity 
Designed specifically for USB-C devices, this cable provides a seamless and reliable connection between your outdoor device and power source.

Weatherproof Power
The Yale Outdoor USB-C Cable is built to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions, ensuring uninterrupted power delivery for your devices.

Works with the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera
Designed to seamlessly work with your existing Yale Smart Outdoor Camera, offering enhanced convenience minimising the need to take down the camera from the mounted location and manually recharge the batteries.

The Yale Smart Outdoor Camera works seamlessly with other Yale smart products including Smart Alarm and Smart Locks, leading voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home and other smart products such as Philips Hue smart lighting.

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Mere information
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