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On this page you'll find relevant support videos that's a bit more advanced for our products. 

Yale Doorman L3S

Yale Doorman L3S | Emergency opening with screwdriver

This video shows how you can make sure the emergency override works as intended. Make sure the tailpiece from the thumb turn properly reaches and aligns with the lock case when installing the inner escutcheon.

Yale Doorman L3S - Magnus visar integration med app

A complete step-by-step video on how to prepare and integrate your lock with Yale Access.

Yale Doorman L3S | Change right or left hung door

If you wish to change the direction of the thumb turn when locking and unlocking, take a look at this video to find out how you reset the lock and change the setting.

Yale Doorman L3S | Lock test

If you have issues locking your door, this is the easiest and best maneuver to try first. This can help you determine if the issue is related to the lock itself or the door environment.

Yale Doorman L3S | Factory Reset

This video showcases how you factory reset the Yale Doorman L3 when it's standalone (no module nor any integration to an app). 

In Yale Access, you'll find "factory reset" under "lock settings".

Yale Doorman L3S | Integrate to Yale Home on a table

If you are about to install a Doorman L3S, it can be a good idea to setup the lock on a desk or table beforehand. This way, you can perform the basic functionality tests and firmware updates before installing it on the door. This can save you time and make it easier to change certain settings.

Yale Doorman L3S | Assemble handle

This video shows how to assemble the different parts of the lever.

Yale Doorman L3S | Disassemble handle

This video shows how to disassemble the different parts of the lever.

Yale Doorman Classic/V2N

Yale Doorman Classic | Latency when unlocking (Alarm could still be active)

This video shows how to get rid of the latency when unlocking from the outside and using the Yale Smart Living system.

Yale Doorman Classic | How to: Integrate Doorman Yale Alarm

How to module integrate whilst using the Yale Smart Living system.

Yale Doorman Classic | Dismantle double cylinder

Take a look at this video if you need help removing your old lock and prepare your door for a smart lock installation.

Yale Linus

Yale Linus | Dismantle ASSA2000

A step-by-step video on how to dismantle the ASSA 2000, one of the most common locks in Scandinavia.

Yale Codehandle

Yale Codehandle | Issues unlocking (red light)

Try this maneuver if you experience difficulties unlocking your Yale Codehandle.

Yale Accessories

Yale Connect | How to remove

A step-by-step video on how to remove Yale Connect from a lock in Yale Access. The same procedure for iOS and Android.

Yale Connect | (Android) Turn off smart-switching

This video shows you how to disable "smart-switching" when installing the Yale Connect. This procedure might be needed when installing the Yale Connect with Android.